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We make Vernaccia di Oristano, 'The `Wine that Speaks Sardo'. 

The day begins with a visit to the family vineyard to see the vines and learn about this distinctive wine which is produced exclusively in this region by a handful of producers, of which Mauro is one of the most passionate and dedicated. We offer an unlimited tasting of our 4 wines (2 aged Vernaccia of different vintages, a young Vernaccia and a red Nieddera/Vernaccia mix) accompanied by traditional local products and snacks. Mauro has been making Vernaccia since he was old enough to walk; his grandfather and father were both important Vernaccia producers and Vernaccia flows in his veins. Vernaccia is totally geographically specific (many have tried and failed to produce it elsewhere, much to Mauro's delight) and it has a distinctive taste, strength and aroma which reflect the local terrain. Known fondly as ‘The wine that speaks Sardinian,’ it is one of the few white wines that ages organically, under a layer of natural yeasts known as Flor. With a history that pre-dates the Romans, Vernaccia is a delicious, fascinating and unique product, with an extraordinary production process and an elegant and eccentric flavour profile. In the words of the great Luigi Manias, ‘it’s not a wine, it’s a miracle!


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