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I offer two cooking classes:

Saludi e Trigu: A day of relaxed market shopping, cooking and eating, in true Sardinian style. We will meet at my local mercatino in Oristano, to drink a coffee and eat a pastry before exploring the abundance of local and seasonal produce, tasting pecorino from the legendary Fausto and meandering around the market picking up whatever looks fresh and interesting, along with some local stone-ground semola to make our own pasta. Together we will then go to my home and make lunch. There will be plenty of family wine, olive oil and a selection of other traditional dishes/products to try too. Normally we take a leisurely post-prandial stroll to the vineyard/cantina after (where we can easily drink more wine, if you like).    


Mani D'Oro: For the pasta fanatics, an immersive (but fun!) day of Sardinian pasta making. I will teach you at least 3 of the traditional Sardinian shapes and we will then eat them, along with plenty of wine and various other traditional dishes too. As above, the day usually finishes with a leisurely stroll and visit to the cantina.   

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