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Late Peach & Fig Leaf Jam

Potting the last of the summer wine.

Late writing this, late making it, luckily there were late peaches. One day I will find time to write again, in the meantime here's some jam for James, the thief of my time. I hope it's a jam for you too.

I used the last peaches and one of my favourite ingredients; fig leaves, to make this, which captures the dregs of summer in a jar. Brilliant scarlet and with a flavour of hot grass, roses and and a hint of strawberry. My new favourite jam.

Eat on toast with butter/ricotta or with yoghurt or pancakes.

Makes 4 small jars

800g ripe peaches

450g of sugar

Juice of 4 small lemons (mine were green)

Wash, de-stone and chop the peaches into small pieces (about the size of a walnut).

Macerate them in the lemon juice (add a few peeled strips of the zest too) and the sugar. Leave covered overnight somewhere cool.

The next day bring them to a gentle boil and cook until just set (test with by dribbling a little of the jam onto a cold saucer and pushing it with your finger. If it forms a wrinkle the jam will set). Pot in sterilised jars.


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